Connecting Exhibitors and Attendees – Case Study


The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional, scientific organization of approximately 10,000 members employed in academia, industry, government, and other research institutes worldwide. AAPS advances the capacity of pharmaceutical scientists to develop products and therapies that improve global health. AAPS CaseStudy Image 1

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The 2014 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition which had 4,834 attendees and 2,524 exhibiting personnel for a total attendance of 7,358. The exposition hosted 459 exhibiting companies.


AAPS offers an Exhibitor to Attendee Communication Program that enables a small number of the event’s exhibitors to purchase the right to send pre-show and post-show emails to registered attendees. Continue reading

Creating Emails for the Mobile Reader

Mobile Email ImageAccording to the latest US Consumer Device Preference Report from MovableInk, 66% of all email in the US is now opened and read on smartphones or tablets. To break it down more specifically, 49.5% of emails opened were on a smartphone, 33.66% on a desktop, and 16.8% on a tablet.

This presents both a great opportunity as well as a significant problem. First, most mobile devices do not come with built in SPAM checkers thus getting into the attendee’s inbox is a bit easier. On the other hand, with real estate on a smart phone being rather small you must ensure the attendee will see what you intended. Continue reading

Boosting Trade Show Floor Traffic with Email Marketing

Implementing an email marketing program that enables your exhibitors to reach out to the registered attendees to build floor traffic provides added value to both you and the exhibitors. However, the program can be a little more complex than sending out normal email blasts. Here are a few tips from our three years and a million plus emails worth of experience.

email_marketing1. Bad things can happen if you don’t keep your email list confidential. Fortunately the number of shows that “give the list away” is on the decline, primarily because of attendees concerns about data privacy and the newly enacted SPAM laws in the US and Canada requiring the recipients to be able to easily OPT-OUT of the process. No good comes from letting the confidential information about your attendees get into unauthorized hands. Continue reading

QR Coded Trade Show Badges Improve Attendee Data Security

Attendee trade show badges with 2D bar codes containing demographic information and printed with the attendee’s name have been around for a long time but are gradually being replaced by ones with a QR code and a lot less data. Whether planned or by accident the current trend is helping to address a growing concern voiced by trade show attendees – DATA SECURITY!!!
QR Code Lead Retrieval
In 1996, as a founding member of one of the early companies providing third party “lead retrieval” systems to the trade show industry, I viewed the efforts of registration companies to encrypt the attendee badges as attempts to protect their lead retrieval revenue. Why else would they hide data willingly given by attendees from exhibitors who were merely trying to collect better lead data using their own devices rather than those rented from the registration company? Continue reading

Permission-Based Marketing for Trade Shows: Are You Legal?

Event Technologies was recently featured in a podcast on email marketing in the trade show industry including the new CASL – Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.  With greater concern for the attendee’s privacy and the implementation of stronger Canadian anti-spam laws, there are some permission-based marketing principles you need to put in place, whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer.

To listen to the Podcast click here: Continue reading

To share the registration list with your exhibitors or not to share…that is the question!

At the IAEE Expo! Expo! tradeshow last week (December 9-11, 2014), we spoke with tradeshow eShowMail Movieorganizers that struggle with the question of whether or not to allow their exhibitors to send emails to their attendees using the show’s registration list.  Some have had terrible things happen with their attendee list, including one organizer, from a big show, that found out that one of their exhibitors was reselling the list.  This is not uncommon.

Offering access to the registration list helps selected exhibitors drive booth traffic, increases exhibitor ROI and thus retention rates.  However, how do you reconcile providing this service when you have exhibitors that commonly SPAM the list or betray your trust by sharing or selling the list to non exhibitors. Continue reading

CEIR Data Suggests a Need for Pin-Point Exhibitor Pre-Show Marketing

Successful trade show exhibitors will tell you that a key factor for their success is to increase the number of quality attendees that visit their booths. In an effort to increase their ROI, and therefore the odds that they will return to the event, they turn to the organizer to increase the number of exhibition hours, not schedule key sessions in competition with exhibiting and to co-locate the food or beverage service in the hall. While all are helpful there is one area that is sometimes overlooked – access to the registration database to support exhibitor pre-show marketing programs.

Recent CEIR research suggests how important access to the attendee data is by pointing out that 76% of attendees arrive at a trade show or event with an agenda, spend quality time with 26 exhibitors and half of these 26 exhibitors scheduled appointments in advance. Thus is clear, the successful exhibitor has to get on the attendee’s agenda and to do this effectively they need the help of the organizer. Continue reading

CEIR Data Suggests Exhibitor Retention Strategy

Trade Show FloorIf your company hosts trade shows and exhibitions, exhibitor retention is a very important part of your strategic plan. The cost of exhibitor attrition is high with estimates from Competitive Edge placing the cost for a show with 450 exhibitors and a retention rate of 75% at well over $250,000 on average. The cost goes up dramatically if the attrition rate approaches 40% as in some events or if the departing companies are the large anchor exhibitors. Whatever the show organizer can do to enhance the exhibitor retention rate will have a significant impact on the show’s bottom line. Continue reading

The Value of Event Data: Part 1

I read an article by Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, regarding the value of an event’s registration data.  I found it very interesting and thought I would share it:

Tread carefully when considering whether to rent or sell your attendee data to third parties, says Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events.

“Big data.” It’s a phrase that entered into common usage a couple of years back, when it seemed the only companies seriously bucking the recession trend—at least in the Western world—were those engaged in the acquisition, processing and subsequent exploitation of customer data. Continue reading

6 Trade Show Sponsorship Ideas

SponsorshipsThere are traditional sponsorship opportunities that show organizers have been successfully using to boost their show revenue for years. These include sponsorship of badges/lanyards, show directory, banners, and signage to name a few. These avenues are not going anywhere, but as technology evolves more sponsorship opportunities present themselves. The key is finding new opportunities that benefit all stakeholders (organizers, attendees and exhibitors). Below are a few examples that have benefits to all parties involved:

1.  Apps – I was at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! show last December, and it seemed that every other booth was a company that had something to do with Apps. Apps are here to stay, and their increased use at shows is prime real estate for a sponsor. Continue reading