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Chris Tremblay, President of Event Technologies, is a graduate of Santa Clara University with over 15 years of executive sales and marketing experience in the trade show industry. He was NewLead’s first salesman in 1997 and was a major contributor to the firm’s early success. He founded Event Technologies in 2002 and focused on supporting the lead retrieval needs of large exhibitors. He has expanded the company’s offerings to include; post show leads processing (RRP), FulfillLit, eShowLeads and most recently eShowMail, a turnkey emailing service that enables exhibitors to reach attendees while protecting the registration list from abuse.

Raise Money for Charity

Raise Money for your Charity

Almost every association we work with has a charity that they support.  Associations typically will run a fund raising event during the show.  This can range from a party, to a 10K run, to a golf tournament.  The money raised during the event is important.  For events that want to raise additional money and awareness for their charities, we have an idea.give-to-charity

Pre and post show email marketing programs are designed to bring attention to an exhibitor’s booth to drive more traffic and generate more leads.  Integrating the event’s charity with this type of email program can also bring more awareness to the charity while raising additional revenue for a good cause.

It’s a simple idea.  Here are the benefits:

  1. A portion of the revenue from the pre-show exhibitor email marketing program can be donated to the charity.  This is the most obvious benefit, but not necessarily the most impactful.
  2. Probably the biggest benefit is bringing more awareness to the charity by getting the message out to all the attendees with multiple touch points.  Emails sent to attendees from exhibitors can include a small JPG that either asks for donations, or encourages participation in the show’s charity event. For the events we work with, we integrate the charity’s message into all our communications with the exhibitors as well.
  3. And lastly, exhibitors that use the program will be happy to know that a portion of their show marketing dollars are supporting a good cause.

The Tradeshow Attendee’s Attention is Not Won on the Show Floor, it is Mostly Determined Long Before the Show Begins.

Hoping that qualified buyers will randomly walk into your booth is not an effective way to generate leads at a trade show. The truth is that by the time attendees get to the show, most of them have a list of exhibitors they are going to visit during the expo. As an exhibitor, you need to get on that list before the show starts or else you are leaving the success or failure of your lead collection to random chance. Different strategies are required to communicate with the two audiences you need to address:

Your Customers and Prospects
If you don’t have a pre-show marketing plan that involves your sales department, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Your trade show manager can’t be expected to be the only ones attracting people to your booth. They need help. You sales people should be working with the marketing department to drive traffic to your booth.
Some of the best conversations you will have at an event are with the people that your sales people are currently talking to. You need to insure those people visit your booth. If they miss your booth, and end up talking to your competition, it could cost you a sale. Here are a couple of ideas to facilitate this.

    1. Encourage your customers and prospects to attend the event and tell them in advance why they need to visit your booth. Sending an email is the simplest way to tell them that you will be exhibiting and it’s a good idea to send two emails:

    a. Drive Traffic to the Show. The first email should be sent 2-3 months before the event with the focus more on getting your customers and prospects to attend the event. Ask the show organizer if they have a program in place to help you with this. Maybe you can talk them into offering a discount to your prospects. At the very least, they can give you a show logo and text that outlines the benefits of the show. If you need a template for this type of email, our company would be happy to send you one.

    b. Drive Traffic to your Booth. The second email should be sent closer to the event and detail what you’re doing at the event. Ideally you want to send this email to the list of registered attendees, but if that’s not available, then send it to your prospect/customer list. We’ve found that emails that talk about something you are doing at the show i.e. Special Events/Parties, Seminars, Product Launches, Free Giveaways get much higher click through rates than those that simply say “come see us in booth #555”.

    2. Encourage your sales people to invite their prospects to the booth. Buy a few $50 gift cards and run a contest to see which sales person can schedule the most appointments during the show (in the booth or off site). Just because a prospect is attending the show doesn’t mean they are going to come by your booth. Making an appointment to meet with them will increase your odds of seeing them at the event and moving the sales process forward.

Your Customers, Prospects and Everyone Who Registered as Attendees
Send an email to the registered attendees. The most effective way to communicate with the people that will be at the show is to send an email to the registered attendee list. When we talk to exhibitors that have used our service to send emails to attendees, they almost unanimously say that the email they sent before the event made a noticeable difference in the traffic they saw in their booth.

The difficulty is getting permission from the show organizer to send to the list. If your show doesn’t already offer this opportunity, let your show contact know that this is something you want to do when you’re signing your contracts for the show. There are companies like ours that will protect the attendee list and provide this service at no cost to the show organizer.

Event Technologies works with show organizers to provide pre and post show email marketing services for their exhibitors.

National Grocers Association Case Study


The National Grocers Association (NGA) is the national trade association representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent sector of the food distrNGA Show Logoibution industry.  NGA’s mission is to ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to succeed and better serve the consumer through its policies, advocacy, programs and services.

Event Name

The NGA Show had 2,078 attendees and 1,112 exhibiting personnel for a total attendance of 3,190.  The exposition hosted 316 exhibiting companies.


The NGA wanted to give their exhibitors an opportunity to communicate with their attendees before and after the event.  They had offered access to the physical mailing address list (without email address) in the past, but many exhibitors were requesting access to the email list.  It was against NGA policy to share the attendee’s email addresses, so NGA was looking for a solution that would protect the attendee’s information.

NGA did not have budget to pay for this program, so the program had to break even or preferably generate revenue.  In addition, many of the NGA exhibitors would require assistance creating their emails, so there had to be an option for exhibitors to submit their content as text and images and have an email created for them.


Event Technologies created an email program incorporating all of NGA’s requirements.  The program was designed to send two emails per day over the course of 4 weeks.  However, due to an overwhelming number of exhibitors signing up for the program, we opened the schedule to send up to 5 emails per day during the final two weeks.   To keep the program on schedule and ensure exhibitor satisfaction, each exhibitor was assigned to an Event Technologies representative who worked with them to help with the creation of their email content.  About half of the emails were created with the assistance of Event Technologies using a template designed for the show.


36 exhibitors (11%) participated in the email program sending a total of 47 email blasts.  Over 40,000 emails were sent with an open rate over 25%.  NGA wanted to keep the price low for their exhibitors so they opted to only slightly increase the Event Technologies fee.  They were able to generate over $2,000 running the email program.

Client Testimonial

Thank you so much for being so great to work with as we transitioned the NGA Show exhibitors to your email service as opposed to my sharing email addresses with them.  I have only heard positive things.  You were timely, responsive and flexible and I really appreciate it.  I look forward to using Event Technologies in the future and have already recommended you to a couple of associations we partner with! 

– Karen Voorhies, National Grocers Association

Permission-Based Marketing for Trade Shows: Are You Legal?

Event Technologies was recently featured in a podcast on email marketing in the trade show industry including the new CASL – Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.  With greater concern for the attendee’s privacy and the implementation of stronger Canadian anti-spam laws, there are some permission-based marketing principles you need to put in place, whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer.

To listen to the Podcast click here: Continue reading

To share the registration list with your exhibitors or not to share…that is the question!

At the IAEE Expo! Expo! tradeshow last week (December 9-11, 2014), we spoke with tradeshow eShowMail Movieorganizers that struggle with the question of whether or not to allow their exhibitors to send emails to their attendees using the show’s registration list.  Some have had terrible things happen with their attendee list, including one organizer, from a big show, that found out that one of their exhibitors was reselling the list.  This is not uncommon.

Offering access to the registration list helps selected exhibitors drive booth traffic, increases exhibitor ROI and thus retention rates.  However, how do you reconcile providing this service when you have exhibitors that commonly SPAM the list or betray your trust by sharing or selling the list to non exhibitors. Continue reading

Is your attendee list being shared online?

Irritated Attendee MemeI speak to a great many convention, expo and trade show organizers. A recurring theme of these conversations is the merit of sharing the registration list with exhibitors. Some do but most don’t and for good reason, which was explained to me yesterday by an individual that runs a number of conventions.

In the past, they have always given away the attendee list to allow for exhibitor email marketing to the attendees.   They trusted their exhibitors would use the list only once and this was the easiest way to allow them to send emails.  Up until recently, this list included the attendee’s email address, although only the attendees that had opted-in during registration. Seems reasonable.

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