Raise Money for Charity

Raise Money for your Charity

Almost every association we work with has a charity that they support.  Associations typically will run a fund raising event during the show.  This can range from a party, to a 10K run, to a golf tournament.  The money raised during the event is important.  For events that want to raise additional money and awareness for their charities, we have an idea.give-to-charity

Pre and post show email marketing programs are designed to bring attention to an exhibitor’s booth to drive more traffic and generate more leads.  Integrating the event’s charity with this type of email program can also bring more awareness to the charity while raising additional revenue for a good cause.

It’s a simple idea.  Here are the benefits:

  1. A portion of the revenue from the pre-show exhibitor email marketing program can be donated to the charity.  This is the most obvious benefit, but not necessarily the most impactful.
  2. Probably the biggest benefit is bringing more awareness to the charity by getting the message out to all the attendees with multiple touch points.  Emails sent to attendees from exhibitors can include a small JPG that either asks for donations, or encourages participation in the show’s charity event. For the events we work with, we integrate the charity’s message into all our communications with the exhibitors as well.
  3. And lastly, exhibitors that use the program will be happy to know that a portion of their show marketing dollars are supporting a good cause.
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Chris Tremblay, President of Event Technologies, is a graduate of Santa Clara University with over 15 years of executive sales and marketing experience in the trade show industry. He was NewLead’s first salesman in 1997 and was a major contributor to the firm’s early success. He founded Event Technologies in 2002 and focused on supporting the lead retrieval needs of large exhibitors. He has expanded the company’s offerings to include; post show leads processing (RRP), FulfillLit, eShowLeads and most recently eShowMail, a turnkey emailing service that enables exhibitors to reach attendees while protecting the registration list from abuse.

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