Monthly Archives: July 2015

Creating Emails for the Mobile Reader

Mobile Email ImageAccording to the latest US Consumer Device Preference Report from MovableInk, 66% of all email in the US is now opened and read on smartphones or tablets. To break it down more specifically, 49.5% of emails opened were on a smartphone, 33.66% on a desktop, and 16.8% on a tablet.

This presents both a great opportunity as well as a significant problem. First, most mobile devices do not come with built in SPAM checkers thus getting into the attendee’s inbox is a bit easier. On the other hand, with real estate on a smart phone being rather small you must ensure the attendee will see what you intended. Continue reading

Boosting Trade Show Floor Traffic with Email Marketing

Implementing an email marketing program that enables your exhibitors to reach out to the registered attendees to build floor traffic provides added value to both you and the exhibitors. However, the program can be a little more complex than sending out normal email blasts. Here are a few tips from our three years and a million plus emails worth of experience.

email_marketing1. Bad things can happen if you don’t keep your email list confidential. Fortunately the number of shows that “give the list away” is on the decline, primarily because of attendees concerns about data privacy and the newly enacted SPAM laws in the US and Canada requiring the recipients to be able to easily OPT-OUT of the process. No good comes from letting the confidential information about your attendees get into unauthorized hands. Continue reading