Permission-Based Marketing for Trade Shows: Are You Legal?

Event Technologies was recently featured in a podcast on email marketing in the trade show industry including the new CASL – Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.  With greater concern for the attendee’s privacy and the implementation of stronger Canadian anti-spam laws, there are some permission-based marketing principles you need to put in place, whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer.

To listen to the Podcast click here:

This is part of the Trade Show Insight Podcast Series by Marlys Arnold.

If you think collecting names at a trade show automatically gives you the right to start sending bulk e-mails to that list, think again!

With the implementation of stronger anti-spam laws, there are some permission-based marketing principles you need to put in place, whether you’re an exhibitor or a show organizer. Click the play button at the bottom of this article to hear guest experts Ben Baker from CMYK Solutions and Fred Tremblay from Event Technologies share insights on:

  • What the new Canadian law means for communication with attendees (even if you’re not based in Canada)
  • Why show managers must be careful how they allow exhibitors to contact attendees prior to the show
  • Why sharing e-mail addresses can be extremely risky business
  • How to insure your list members have given you the legally-required permission to contact them
  • What needs to be included in every e-mail you send

Here are links to additional articles mentioned during the interview:

Disclaimer: We are not attorneys, so this discussion is provided for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be construed as legal advice. We recommend you consult your attorney to determine whether your communication systems and practices are in compliance with the laws.

About Ben Baker:

With nearly two decades of experience in print, direct mail, non-disclosure printing services, and promotional marketing, Ben Baker’s goal is to help people communicate effectively and get noticed. As president of CMYK Solutions Inc., he believes that marketing needs to be integrated in order to achieve goals and support brand objectives. That said … there is no such thing as a wrong channel, but possibly channels that are wrong for you to best demonstrate your value to your intended audience.

You can connect with Ben via the CMYK Solutions website.

About Fred Tremblay:

Fred Tremblay has over 20 years experience in the trade show industry, and has been in the software business since the 1970s. His management experience includes time as an independent consultant in the high tech industry and two years as Executive Vice President of the 1994 World Cup Organizing Committee in Los Angeles where he learned the sponsorship business from the world’s best. He’s now the VP of Development for Event Technologies, a full-service provider of systems to help exhibitors and show organizers get more value out of their trade show investments.

Get in touch with Fred via the Event Technologies website.

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About Chris

Chris Tremblay, President of Event Technologies, is a graduate of Santa Clara University with over 15 years of executive sales and marketing experience in the trade show industry. He was NewLead’s first salesman in 1997 and was a major contributor to the firm’s early success. He founded Event Technologies in 2002 and focused on supporting the lead retrieval needs of large exhibitors. He has expanded the company’s offerings to include; post show leads processing (RRP), FulfillLit, eShowLeads and most recently eShowMail, a turnkey emailing service that enables exhibitors to reach attendees while protecting the registration list from abuse.

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