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CEIR Data Suggests a Need for Pin-Point Exhibitor Pre-Show Marketing

Successful trade show exhibitors will tell you that a key factor for their success is to increase the number of quality attendees that visit their booths. In an effort to increase their ROI, and therefore the odds that they will return to the event, they turn to the organizer to increase the number of exhibition hours, not schedule key sessions in competition with exhibiting and to co-locate the food or beverage service in the hall. While all are helpful there is one area that is sometimes overlooked – access to the registration database to support exhibitor pre-show marketing programs.

Recent CEIR research suggests how important access to the attendee data is by pointing out that 76% of attendees arrive at a trade show or event with an agenda, spend quality time with 26 exhibitors and half of these 26 exhibitors scheduled appointments in advance. Thus is clear, the successful exhibitor has to get on the attendee’s agenda and to do this effectively they need the help of the organizer. Continue reading

CEIR Data Suggests Exhibitor Retention Strategy

Trade Show FloorIf your company hosts trade shows and exhibitions, exhibitor retention is a very important part of your strategic plan. The cost of exhibitor attrition is high with estimates from Competitive Edge placing the cost for a show with 450 exhibitors and a retention rate of 75% at well over $250,000 on average. The cost goes up dramatically if the attrition rate approaches 40% as in some events or if the departing companies are the large anchor exhibitors. Whatever the show organizer can do to enhance the exhibitor retention rate will have a significant impact on the show’s bottom line. Continue reading