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Is Exhibitor Email Marketing Still Viable?

email_marketingWe hear from many trade show organizers that their attendees are growing increasingly wary of exhibitor email blasts. Some have given up altogether and simply do not allow exhibitors to send any emails to the registered attendee list.

Recent technological advances have given rise to a number of alternatives organizers are using that include social media mentions, listings in the trade show APP du jour and one-on-one meeting scheduling systems. The latter offers a lot of benefits for the attendee who knows who they want to see but also requires effort on the attendee’s part. Continue reading

What’s wrong with your Planning Sessions?

Corporate MeetingsYou and your team spent a full day at an “offsite” planning session last month. There were a lot of great ideas and there was a feeling of camaraderie as you departed. Now, a month later, you are beginning to see that nothing has really changed. So what went wrong and why is nothing you thought was agreed upon is getting done?

You can do a lot of analysis but the simple truth in most cases is there was actually no agreement. How can that be true? You all raised your hands. Unfortunately agreement or “buy-in” is rarely achieved easily and usually results in confrontation not camaraderie as long held positions of some or even most of the group must be abandoned. To gain agreement to any idea each and every party must have exactly the same understanding of the idea as everyone else on the team. Interpreting a raised hand or an affirmative response as agreement will only lead to disappointment on everyone’s part. Continue reading

Free Lead Retrieval?

QR Code Lead RetrievalI recently talked to a show organizer who provides lead retrieval to his exhibitors for free. He said they want to provide a higher value experience to the exhibitors. When I asked him how he does it, I expected to hear that he hires someone and covers the bill. I was shocked to hear that he handles the whole process on his own.

He starts by printing all of the attendees’ contact information into a QR code on the badge. He said the technological side of printing the badges is not too difficult. Continue reading

Why Your LinkedIn Posts Have Disappeared

Question MarksI read this last week from Laura Donovan, a social media expert at The Word Pro.  I thought it was interesting and she said I could share it.  Has anything like this ever happened to you on LinkedIn or Facebook?

Why Your LinkedIn Posts Have Disappeared

Last week, when my colleague posted to one of her groups on LinkedIn, the comment disappeared.  Then she noticed that when she posted anything to any of her groups, nothing published.  When she clicked on “Your Activity” under her picture in one of her groups, she found that her posts to that group were in “moderation.”  After doing a little investigating she discovered that when a moderator feels that someone has posted something that breaks the group’s rules, that moderator can put the member into “moderation.” That wouldn’t be so bad, except that once one moderator does this, nothing that member posts to any of her groups will be published until that group’s moderator allows it.  Because so few moderators go through posts marked for moderation. In essence, the member becomes invisible to all of her groups.  If my colleague was spamming, this treatment would be deserved. However, her infraction was to put up an interesting article (not written by her) without a “discussion question.”  The group requires a “discussion question.”  Not a huge infraction, but one that apparently earned the wrath of the moderator. Continue reading

Top 10 Event Technology Trends for 2014

Tradeshow Floor PictureI just read this article on the TSNN website about their predictions for the top 10 event technology trends for 2014.  What do you think?

1.  Organizers will seek integrated solutions – As technology becomes more prominent within the event industry, customers will have higher expectations of the services that their suppliers provide, and seek integrated solutions for registration, online mapping, mobile apps and audience response.

2.   Windows Phone will be the heir to BlackBerry – While many consumers are using iPhone and Android devices, corporate IT departments have been much slower to progress. This is partly because of the high security risk they attribute to iOS and Android platforms, and will see Windows Phone as a way to retain control of corporate networks, in a user-friendly manner. Gartner reports a market share increase of 2.3% to 6.3% from 2012 to 2013. Thus, there will be a higher requirement to cater for Windows Phone with native event apps for the best user experience. Continue reading

Is your attendee list being shared online?

Irritated Attendee MemeI speak to a great many convention, expo and trade show organizers. A recurring theme of these conversations is the merit of sharing the registration list with exhibitors. Some do but most don’t and for good reason, which was explained to me yesterday by an individual that runs a number of conventions.

In the past, they have always given away the attendee list to allow for exhibitor email marketing to the attendees.   They trusted their exhibitors would use the list only once and this was the easiest way to allow them to send emails.  Up until recently, this list included the attendee’s email address, although only the attendees that had opted-in during registration. Seems reasonable.

Continue reading

The Case for Exhibitor Pre-Show Emails

IBM Booth ImageWhen I first exhibited at a technology trade show in 1987 it was not uncommon for the show organizer to give exhibitors access to the attendee list to send direct mail to attendees before the show. In fact exhibitors without household names who did not use direct mail, use telemarketing or hire some expensive traffic builder to reach out to the registered attendees usually had disappointing results. Magicians, Harley Davidson drawings and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were big draws at the technology shows back then.

Then came email and it opened up a whole new approach for exhibitors.  Get the show list and blast them with an email-a-day to draw attention to your booth and your giveaway.  Of course along with the email came the concept of SPAM although I have a tendency to remember it as something I ate as a kid. Continue reading