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Provide an Exhibitor Email Marketing Program without Jeopardizing your Attendee List
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eShowMail provides a turn-key service for events that want to offer an email Marketing program to their exhibitors. It protects the attendee's private information while satisfying the exhibitor's requirement for email marketing to attendees.

Increase Exhibitor Retention

Help your Exhibitors Drive Traffic to their Booths. Exhibitor email marketing can be extremely beneficial to an event. A tool that fosters communication between exhibitors and attendees is a great way to promote business.

Give your attendees control over the emails they receive

Don't send the attendee list to your exhibitors. It will be abused. Provide a central "unsubscribe" list for attendees that don't want to continue to receive emails from exhibitors. Limit the number of emails your attendees receive each day. Control the process.

Help your Exhibitors be Successful

According to CEIR's research, 76% of attendees arrive at a trade show or event with an agenda.  Help your exhibitors get on those agendas.  Pre-show email marketing that protects the attendee list is a safe and effective way to do this.

Generate Additional Revenue for your Event

We execute the whole program and share revenue with your organization. eShowMail will generate thousands of dollars in additional revenue for your event.

For more info, download the eShowMail brochure.

Request a Follow-up Call Within 24 Hours

eShowLeads is a tradeshow lead capture system that lets exhibitors collect leads using their own Smartphone or Tablet.

Lead Retrieval for Small Events

We created eShowLeads for events that have a small number of exhibitors. We work with events that have as few as 10 exhibitors.

No Barcode Necessary

Our system does not require you to put a barcode on the name badge, or have a badge at all.

No Cost

eShowLeads is paid for by the exhibitors that want to use the service. There is no setup charge or cost for the show organizer.